The master of Transparethics

The aim of POSeidon Solutions Ltd. is to provide its clients with quality, high-level professional services and individual, customised solutions. Our experienced team, devoted to our company and clients always solves even the seemingly impossible issues and problems with creativity.



years of property protection experience in one program


cash registers supervised by POSeidon® at the moment


inventory shortage reduction in one year from introduction on average


“caught in the act” cases due to the method


different ways of committing a crime identified

POSeidon® in Europe

Our existing partners use the POSeidon® Cash Register Supervision System effectively and efficiently in many European countries, at different commercial areas:

  • National discount supermarket network
  • National hardware store network
  • Sports stores
  • National network distributing organic products
  • Furniture stores
POSeidon in Europe

The history of POSeidon®

In 2006, an agent of our parent company noticed that a cashier removed cash from the till even when there were no customers there, moreover, the cashier opened the top of the receipt printer quite often. POSeidon® was born because of these two people and this observation. The misuse was possible due to the faulty till system. After the final adding and printing of the items, opening the receipt printer deleted the whole transaction. The receipt showed a total of HUF 0, while the original sum appeared on the customer display. This way the cashier took advantage of the system’s failure. Following this case and the examination of 300 further case studies, it seemed justified for us to support our clients in reducing the number of misuses and their inventory shortage. Our solution was a new software product through which the operations at the cash register and the item information are displayed on the video recording the surroundings of the cash register.

Our mission

We, the staff of POSeidon Solutions Kft., are committed to create value for our clients. Our mission is to contribute to the success of our partners in the field of information technology through our unique software solutions that satisfy users’ expectations completely. It is important for us from the very beginning to help our partners accomplish their innovative ideas reliably and in the long term. Our company owes its development to the outstanding professionalism, the continuous exchange of expertise with the staff of the parent company, and its flexibility, focusing on the demands of the partners and the market for the products. Due to the latter, we are able to respond to our partners’ demands more flexibly, moreover, we always strive to grow involving them as well.


By creating and spreading the notion of Transparethics, we represent an attitude focusing on reliable and responsible organisations. Our aim is to create a community where the members consider global issues and take responsibility for their local environment all at once. Transparent processes and ethical attitude mean a competitive advantage in the competition for workers, environment protection is supported due to eliminating waste, and observing the rules established jointly results in mutual reliability. POSeidon® aims to support the transparethic operation and organise a global community, where the main values are appreciating each other and taking responsibility for our environment.

Discover POSeidon®!

We are proud to present our POSeidon® system developed for commercial, logistics and industrial companies, which enables us to provide our clients with transparent processes and transparethic (transparent and ethical) operation. For more information, please watch our short introduction video.


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Our company provides a high-quality, diverse job and continuous professional development for its future co-workers. Our colleagues have considerable expertise, assume responsibility for their work, work collaboratively, are able to develop and learn continuously, and their conduct reflects the company culture. If you wish to join the POSeidon® team, check out our current vacancies!