Useful facts

In the followings, we have listed the operating environment features of the POSeidon system, along with some key technical parameters. The overview of the useful facts is intended to help you better understand the purpose of the product.


According to accepted statistics, shoplifting is an inside job in 70% of the cases, and most of the resulting inventory shortage is realised at the cash register.

The preservation and safe operation of industry machines are important for the companies. POSeidon® provides useful assistance by connecting the operational data with the surveillance cameras.

POSeidon® points out the lost time in the production process, thus production efficiency can be increased significantly.

With POSeidon®, revealing the causes behind the failures in the logistic processes is faster and documented.

Our system enables the tracing of the co-workers‘ activity working at multiple tills during a shift.

Main observed violations: line void, receipt void, returns, substitute scanning.

POSeidon® is compatible with the most used electronic cash register systems in Hungary (Laurel, Szintézis, MolSoft). There is no limit to the number of cash registers to be connected to the system.

By establishing remote access the system is capable of supervising the POSeidon systems of any number of stores from one central location. If there is no one to supervise the system, we undertake this task as well, as a separate service.

The data stored in the system can be used as evidence.

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