Transparethics in the industry

Increasing production costs, decreasing profitability? Declining trend of loss data? Not appropriately controlled production processes? Increasing number of faulty products? Do you wish to reveal the causes? Would you like to increase efficiency and maximise the annual profit? The POSeidon® property protection and quality assurance software reveals the so far invisible causes and clears the processes. The outcome is a transparethically operating company with satisfied clients, loyal employees and relaxed management.


Contact us for details about the fitness for use and the prospective benefits of POSeidon® Industrial. Following a face-to-face consultation, we will develop a customised concept.

The most common application areas of POSeidon® Industrial:

  • Oil refining industry
  • Fuel production
  • Raw metarial production
  • Car industry
  • Electronics
  • Manufacture, assembly
  • Food industry
  • Rubbish and waste management
  • Industrial warehousing and inventory management

In which cases can POSeidon® Industrial be a good investment?

Typical symptoms

  • Unjustified shortage/loss
  • Declining loss data over the years
  • Productivity loss in the manufacturing process
  • Increasing number of faulty products during production
  • Increasing amount of raw and ancillary materials used
  • Decreasing profitability, stagnant production level
  • Increasing production costs
  • Non-transparent processes, non-retrievable causes

Arising needs

  • Increasing efficiency, maximising profit
  • Revealing the causes for losses of unknown origin
  • Monitoring for quality control purposes
  • Specific targeted tracing of items
  • Clear operation supervised remotely
  • Identified product processes, contributors
  • Retrievability to handle disputes
  • Making safety and property protection more effective

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